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Dorothy Nyong’o to Serve as Global Ambassador for World Ovarian Cancer Coalition

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition has announced that Mrs. Dorothy Nyong’o has joined the organization as an Ambassador to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer, tackle low health literacy, and empower women in Kenya and across the world to take action to improve equitable access to high-quality, affordable care.

The announcement comes ahead of World Ovarian Cancer Day, a flagship awareness-raising initiative in which approximately 200 organizations from around the world raise their voices in solidarity in the fight against ovarian cancer.

A statement from the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition indicates that if access to high-quality, affordable care does not improve, the number of new cases of ovarian cancer in Kenya is estimated to increase by more than 130% from 2020 to 2040.

Sadly, the majority of women who have ovarian cancer live in low- and middle-income areas where access to treatment is extremely limited by inefficient infrastructure, inadequate resources, and cultural barriers. It can be impossible or financially crippling for many women and their families to obtain appropriate care,” read the statement.

“Worse still, there is a stigma around ovarian cancer for too many in the world, even in 2023, and that is compounded by many societal and economic barriers to health care, not just in my country, Kenya,” said Mrs. Nyong’o.

“As a founding trustee of Africa Cancer Foundation, I am excited to serve as an Ambassador so we can improve awareness and access for all women – no matter where they live,” she said.

Mrs. Nyong’o is the Managing Trustee of Africa Cancer Foundation, First Lady of Kisumu County, and Director of 7th Sense Communications Limited.

She holds an Executive M.Sc. in Organizational Development from the United States International University (Nairobi), a Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communications, and a B.A. Hons in French and Political Science from the University of Nairobi.

In her role as Ambassador, Mrs. Nyong’o will help the Coalition in its efforts to empower the ovarian cancer community in Kenya and across the globe through collaboration, knowledge, and action.

“If we don’t take action now, the lives of hundreds of thousands of women in Africa will be lost over the next two decades. Ovarian cancer must become a priority, so that the increasing burden and challenges of successfully treating women with ovarian cancer are recognised and planned for at local, regional, and national levels,” said Clara MacKay, CEO of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

It is our great honor to be working with Mrs. Nyong’o who has done so much already to help close gaps in care in Kenya and has shown such commitment to the advancement and empowerment of women in her country. Together we are determined to improve the lives of women in Kenya who are living with, or at risk of, ovarian cancer, she added.

By Joseph Ng’ang’a

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