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The elderly want their monthly stipend increased

A section of elderly persons has called on the National government to consider increasing their Inua Jamii monthly stipend to help them pay for the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and other expenses.

While decrying harsh economic times coupled with prolonged drought, they said that the delays in releasing the funds from the government has caused them a lot of misery.

The elderly said as they age they require more medical attention, thus asked the government to allocate some extra money specifically for their medical expenses.

On his part, Ndaragwa Deputy County Commissioner Walter Ngaira said that the government has put in place adequate measures in ensuring that majority of the elderly persons benefit from the cash transfer programme.

“We have approximately 5000 people from the sub county benefiting from the Inua Jamii. We are hoping from the next financial year there will be an upscale of the amount because we are expecting more people to have attained that age of receiving the stipend.

“Many have urged the government to add the amount so that they can pay for their NHIF cards. This area being among the most hit by drought, the amount addition would be a welcome relief. I also want to urge all farmers to go back to their farms and utilize the ongoing rains and the subsidized fertilizers,” said Ngaira

Ngaira, who was speaking in Ndogino area of Ndaragwa constituency in Nyandarua County, when he oversaw the distribution of relief food from the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA), urged the elderly also to invest part of that money in farming to ensure the money benefits many at the household level.

Over 4800 households benefitted from the relief food which comprised of rice, green grams, maize and porridge flour, cooking oil and other assorted foodstuffs.

The Inua Jamii programme under the Ministry of Labour targets orphans, vulnerable children; older persons and persons with severe disabilities.

Under the Inua Jamii programme, the beneficiaries are eligible to a Sh2000 monthly stipend.

By Antony Mwangi

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