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Dorper Sheep Rearing

Nakuru farmers are shifting their attention to Dorper sheep rearing due to a growing market demand for high-quality meat, both locally and internationally and the sheep pen housing them at the ongoing Nakuru ASK has become a crowd puller.

Dr. Onesmus Getui a veterinarian said the change to dorper sheep is good for farmers since they are relatively low-maintenance animals and they have good resistance to diseases and parasites, hence reducing the need for extensive care.

Getui who was speaking today at the sheep pen stand during the ongoing Nakuru Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) showground noted that their other advantage was strong foraging abilities, which allows them to graze on a variety of vegetation, making them well-suited for extensive grazing systems.

The expert said by rearing Dorper sheep, local farmers can tap into the high demand of their potentially upper market prices for their products, adding that they can be effectively crossbred with other breeds to improve specific traits such as wool quality or disease resistance.

Overall, Getui said their flexibility allows farmers to adapt their flocks to specific production goals and market requirements, and that makes them extremely popular.

Additionally, he said the Dorper sheep are known for their adaptability to various climates and environments, since they can tolerate both hot and cold weather conditions, making them suitable for Nakuru’s diverse climate.

He highlighted that the Dorper sheep adaptability has enabled some farmers to import some from South Africa, specifically for breeding superior quality, and the breeders are sold as high as sh.35,000-40,000 per sheep.

The veterinarian revealed that their other benefit was high fertility, and they are known as prolific breeders, that often produce twins or triplets, which can lead to fast increase of flock sizes and higher productivity for farmers.

Also, he said their other value was rapid growth because they have excellent feed conversion efficiency, meaning they can convert feed into body weight faster than other breeds.

Getui said apart from that, their speedy growth allows farmers to raise them for meat production and achieve market-ready weights more quickly, compared to the indigenous sheep.

He said the Dorper sheep are primarily raised for their high-quality meat, that is tender, flavorful, and well-marbled, which makes it highly sought after by consumers, hence, leading to higher prices and profitability for farmers.

Another popular stand at the ASK Show is the rabbit hutch, which is in demand due to its white meat, especially for patients with non-communicable diseases, who have been discouraged from eating red meat.

By Veronica Bosibori

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