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Double allocation of land cause conflict

Double allocation of land and unfairness has been identified as the major reason for continued reigniting of the infamous clashes at Mariashoni on the Eastern side of Mau in Nakuru County.

The Chairman of Ogiek Community, Joseph Towett  who has mediated the clashes since 1992 said the main problem in the area, which has never been resolved, was confusion over the validity of title deeds and injustice.

He  said the government should send surveyors to the ground and end the confusion over multiple land allocations, which causes unending conflicts.

In  addition, he said the land speculators in the area have played a big role in creating divisions among the communities through spreading fake information of impending extension of the Mau Forest cutline by the government leading to expulsion from the area.

However, he said where there’s double allocation of land, the government should compensate the people with a similar acreage of land from the absentee landowners.

As long as there’s a section of people who feel that they might lose their valued land the clashes are unlikely to end,’’ says Towett.

He added that Mariashoni and Nessuit were prime agricultural areas and it was time the government ended the unnecessary clashes so that wananchi would concentrate on food production. He was speaking today during an interview with KNA at his office in Njoro.

The current clashes started on July 29, however, they have been quelled, and yesterday the Rift Valley Regional Coordinator, George Natembeya ordered the people camping at schools to go back to their homes.

By  Veronica Bosibori

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