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Dr. Mutua says he will be on presidential ballot

The  Machakos  governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua has once again reiterated his desire to be on the presidential ballot in the 2020 General Elections.

Speaking  in Tala market on Friday when he launched several garbage collection and disposal trucks, Dr. Mutua said the country needed a youthful, dynamic and innovative leader who can transform it economically.

“Kenya is ready for a generational change and the old breed of leaders should now pave way for the young. We need new leadership that will ensure money gets into the pockets of our people,” he said.

The  flamboyant county leader claimed that Kenyans were now tired of being broke and poor while a few people and some corrupt leaders swim in wealth, adding that the only way to reverse this was by entrusting the country’s leadership to those who are not tainted by graft and urged Kenyans to support his bid when the time comes.

He said he had received a lot of support and good will from many Kenyans who wanted him to take the mantle and steer Kenya into modernity. During the exercise, Dr. Mutua inaugurated 400 new large garbage bins, six new skip loaders, two modern compacting trucks and a street light truck.

Dr. Mutua  who was accompanied by several officials from his government called on residents of Machakos County to utilize the new machinery to improve their environment and livelihoods, saying that a clean environment was requirement to good health.

Cleanliness starts with the individual, and I am urging you to desist from littering your compounds and instead use the facilities we have launched today,” he said.

On the forthcoming census the governor appealed to Machakos people to avail themselves to be counted, saying the data collected will determine the distribution of national resources.

By  Justus  Keesi

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