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Drama as German national insults prosecutor, calling her prostitute

There  was  drama in a Kwale Court on Monday after a German national went berserk and started insulting a female prosecutor calling her a prostitute.

The visibly angry, Gerald Ramkir Lambertus hurled obscenities at the prosecutor during the hearing of his case before Resident Magistrate, Patrick  Wambugu.

It  was not immediately clear what the charges the heavily built foreigner who was described as very stubborn by the court staff is facing since no one was willing to divulge details of the case.

However, a source said the case has been dragging in court for the last three years. “That man is very stubborn. He was charged in 2016,” the source said without saying what the case was all about.

After the court ordered the man to be detained, police had a hard time containing him as he started shouting at the officers calling them bullies as they handcuffed and took him to the court cell.

“You Kenyan police are bullies. You have arrested me for nothing. There is no democracy in Kenya,” he shouted from inside the cell.

He caused more drama at the Matuga police station where he refused to be locked up in the cells, saying it was too hot inside.

The  local police boss, Ludwin  Sasati confirmed the arrest of the suspect, saying he will be charged on Tuesday with using offensive language, resisting arrest and refusing to be fingerprinted.

“The information we have is that the suspect insulted a prosecutor by calling her a prostitute,” said Sasati, adding that he also resisted arrest at the court after causing disturbance.

By  Shaban  Omar

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