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Duale cautions government officials against diverting relief food

The  National Assembly Majority Leader, Aden  Duale has issued a stern warning to government officials against hoarding or diverting relief food or water meant for vulnerable groups.

Duale  took issue with the truck drivers supplying food and water whom he said have been siphoning fuel from the government  vehicles or pretended that the truck had developed mechanical problems, only to supply water to affluent individuals at a cost during the night.

“I have received complaints of a few rogue drivers involving themselves in siphoning fuel or selling water meant for drought victims,” he added, “let me warn you. Desist from these acts or you will be sacked and prosecuted.”

Speaking  after flagging off of 10,200 bags of emergency livestock supplementary feeds to five sub-counties hardest hit  by the current drought in Garissa town on  Saturday, Duale directed the County Commissioner (CC), Mwangi Meru to closely monitor the distribution of the animal feeds.

Duale,  who  is also the Garissa Township MP asked leaders in sub-counties most affected by current drought to work closely with the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) to alleviate suffering of the vulnerable groups.

He  said the national government will commence water trucking and food distribution to far flung areas in sub-counties faced with the current drought. The most affected sub-counties, include Ijara, Balambala, Lagdera, Dadaab and Hulugho

The  Garissa County NDMA Coordinator, Abdinoor  Dubow  said more feeds will be distributed sometimes in October and November and that the current batch being supplied is only to support animals that are weak, malnourished or lactating.

The drought situation in Garissa has been worsening following the failed March-April-May rains with experts saying the situation could worsen in the coming weeks if the rains fail again this month.

By  Jacob  Songok

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