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EAC urged to establish covid-19 certificate verification desk

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula has urged the leadership of the East African Community Member states to establish a common desk for joint verification of Covid-19 certificates from truck drivers with a view to address the long queues currently being experienced at Busia and Malaba borders.

Speaking in Busia, Wetangula said that the long queues being witnessed at the two borders were not only impacting negatively on the economy but also a danger to the local residents.

He noted that the queue in Busia now stretches towards River Suo while that of Malaba extends towards Webuye.

“That is around 50 kilometers in Malaba and 20 kilometers in Busia,” he said, adding that the delay is impacting negatively on the economy.

The Senator further stated that the truck drivers were suffering with nowhere to sleep or relieve themselves as the Ugandan Authorities insist that they pay Sh. 3,600 even after being tested for the virus.

“As the long queues persist, the truck drivers have nowhere to sleep or relieve themselves,” he stated, adding that the truck drivers must be treated in a humane manner.

The stalemate affecting the truck drivers has persisted for more than one week with the drivers protesting the demands by the Ugandan authorities who are said to be demanding for the money allegedly for clearance of each driver crossing to their country.

By Salome Alwanda

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