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EAC urged harmonize fishing regulations

Homa Bay County Senator has called on the East African Community member states to harmonize fishing regulations in Lake Victoria.

Speaking in a meeting with fishermen from all beaches in the County, Moses Kajwang’ said the move will reduce conflicts and harassments faced by the fishermen in the lake.

He noted that regulations governing fishing should be similar in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania which share the fresh water lake.

Kajwang’ explained that conflicting regulations are a recipe for conflict which in turn leads to harassment of fishermen during their fishing activities.

The senator further compared the regulations in Kenya and Uganda regarding fishing using solar energy as a source of light saying, “Using solar energy as a source of light while fishing is outlawed in Uganda which is contrary to Kenyan regulations.”

He pointed out that fishing should be done in a manner that the future generation can still get fish in the lake.

The senator further urged the government to lower the requirements for boat operators in
complying with maritime regulations in the lake.

He said this following complaints raised by fishermen and boat operators that the cost of compliance with maritime requirements is too high for them to afford.

“The cost of training a coxswain is Sh60, 000 as compared to drivers who pay about Sh10, 000 in order to be accredited. These regulations should be reviewed,” he said.

Lake Victoria Beach Management Unit (BMU) Chairman Tom Guda and Homa Bay County BMU Network Chairman Edward Oremo who attended the meeting called on the State to curb insecurity issues in the lake.

By Sitna Omar

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