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Eat traditional foods to prevent cancer, Meru residents advised

Residents of Meru County have been urged to eat traditional foods to avert the rising cases of cancer in the region.

Meru Hospice Programmes Coordinator Gladys Mucee, noted that the disease would be contained if people adopted eating traditional foods which she noted were free from chemicals.

Mucee emphasized the need for preventive healthcare in managing the rising cases of cancer in the region claiming the disease had become rampant because residents abandoned traditional health diets for quick processed foods that had high chemical contents.

“Our traditional foods such as millet, sorghum sweet potatoes and arrow roots are very healthy and we need to go back and consume them as opposed to quick meals such as French fries,” she said.

She said seeking information about cancer was another way of preventing the killer disease and urged residents to attend cancer screening regularly. “Residents should attend cancer screening camps more often to know their status in order to seek help in time,” she stressed.

Mucee said cancer is treatable if identified at early stages however warning that when detected late it was hard to cure and as well too expensive to manage.

She appealed to residents to empathize with terminally ill patients and offer them moral and financial support.

By Muguongo Judy

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