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government urged to deploy psychologists in schools

The government through the ministry of education has been urged to recruit psychologists to offer guidance and counseling in primary and secondary schools across Homa Bay County to address mental health effects of Covid-19 among learners.

A section of Psychologists called upon the government to establish strong counseling programs in schools to assist in handling mental health issues which may be witnessed among the learners due to the effect of corona virus at home.

Speaking to KNA, Florence Aluodo, a Psychologist said that cases of mental health issues have increased in the country since the outbreak of Covid-19 in March 2020 where learners have been affected.

Aluolo added that the government needs to deploy at least one counselor per learning institution to offer guiding and counseling services to address cases of mental health issues caused by the pandemic.

She added that the move will also help learners cope with the pandemic so that their academic progress is safeguarded from any form of interference as a result of the virus.

Aluolo called on parents to take up the responsibility of counseling and guiding their children to make them understand the hard economic situation faced by most families due to coronavirus in the country.

The psychologist who had vied for Siaya County Woman Representative seat in 2017 elections said the professional counselors will be able to talk to learners to open up and share their problems so that a proper solution is reached to curb mental health related disorders.

By Lydia Adhiambo and Davis Langat

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