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Education heads meet to deliberate on learning after covid-19 pandemic

Kenya Primary Schools Heads Association (KEPSHA) western region held their annual meeting to deliberate on access to learning during the post covid-19 era and other pandemics.

The meet aimed at helping schools’ CEOs to adjust to changes in management that will help them cope with the challenges brought about by the pandemics.

Speaking at the Farmview Hotel, the regional Education Director Stephen Balongo applauded the teachers for the efforts made in ensuring they prepare two set of candidates within a short duration and their relentless efforts in ensuring CBC is successful.

“I want to extend my gratitude to teachers who have toiled to complete the syllabus within the compressed school calendar. We are all determined and set as an association to reactivate KEPSHA county branches, working around the clock to raise regional standards and develop learners’ competence that will enable them succeed in life,” said Balongo.

He called upon the teachers to take their responsibility of ensuring they produce an all-round pupil who has the knowledge, skills and moral character that fits in the society.

“The government of Kenya has given us the special responsibility to mould Kenyan children in education and co-curricular activities, CBC will help us achieve this as it advocates for specializations hence embracing all talents in the society,” noted Balongo.

The Kenyan constitution 2010 provides for free and compulsory education to the Kenyan child.

The regional Director for TSC, Ms. Lilian Mwangi, urged the teachers to uphold the values of honesty, kindness, self-control, emotional intelligence, courage, compassion and simplicity in their daily endeavours.

She urged the parents to equally take the responsibility of monitoring the progress of children in schools. “Parents and the state must work together to ensure quality education is achieved,” she noted.

The Heads were warned against introducing unnecessary fees without the consent of the parents and the BOM of the schools. She called upon the school heads to be servant’ leaders and always lead from the front.

“I want to sound a firm warning to school heads who are still charging interview fees on new students, and also avoid employing teachers who are not registered by the commission,” she urged.

KNUTs Secretary General western region Willis Inganga wants the government to increase the allocation for the primary school per pupil from Sh 3000 to 5000 as they are of equal standard with the day secondary schools who receive Sh. 26,000.

The officials now want the government to create a special docket in the ministry to support the payments of support staff in the primary institutions.

By Absalom Namwalo

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