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Parents urged to embrace CBC as it nurtures learner’s potential

Parents have been urged to help in identifying and nurturing their children’s potential as a way of embracing Competency Based curriculum (CBC) education.

Moses Kitarian, a Head Teacher at Oltepesi Primary School in Kajiado County said parents not only have a role of providing needed resources and material for learning but also had a vital role in ensuring that they follow up on the progress of their children’s education by building on the abilities that the learners have.

The Head teacher, who was speaking during a sensitization workshop for parents of St Joseph Ngong Catholic Academy at the school on Saturday said that unlike 8-4-4 system that was prescriptive in the way students studied, with the focus of passing the examination in at least subjects such as humanities, sciences and languages, CBC focus on competencies and abilities that a learner has.

He said CBC develops a learner who is a communicator and problem solver through the tasks given and in so doing, enables the learner to think critically on how to undertake the assignment given. He said this environment facilitates learner to collaborate with each other.

The Head teacher who also sits on Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) Mathematics panel said CBC imparts and inculcates financial and economic literacy to a learner and called on parents to have piggy banks in their homes to enable the learners cultivate a culture of saving and even involve them on how to spend the money they have saved.

The CBC system of education is supposed to phase out the 8-4-4 system. The pioneer CBC class that will join junior secondary school in 2023 is currently in class five.  The learners will do the final Primary School Education Assessment (PSEA) at the end of this year.

The learners will then join grade 7,8,9 and sit the  Kenya Middle School Year Assessment (KMYA) before joining Senior secondary for grade 10,11, and 12,where they will sit for Senior School Education Assessment (SSEA).

According to the Head teacher the learners will have honed their areas of interest at the senior secondary and can either join Tertiary institutions or the job markets.

By Cyrilla Barasa

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