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Elders decry increased cases of suicide and domestic violence

Political  Analyst, Prof. Peter Kagwanja (in green attire) receiving a certificate from officials of Agikuyu Council of Elders in Murang’a after he was installed as Patron of the Council, Murang’a Branch. Photo by Bernard Munyao/KNA.

Members of  Agikuyu Council of  Elders  on Wednesday  in  Murang’a  raised concerns over increased cases of suicide especially among young people in the area.

The elders further decried high numbers of homicide cases resulting from domestic violence.

They attributed increased suicide cases to lack of proper counselling and abuse of drugs by youth.

Led  by newly installed patron of the council, Murang’a Branch, Prof. Peter Kagwanja, the elders said it was worrying to see a youth aged about 10 years committing suicide.

They faulted parents of abdicating their parenting responsibilities leaving young people to be mentored only by teachers.

Kagwanja noted that parents, with assistance of members of the clergy should commit much time to mentor young people to grow up as responsible people.

“In the recent past we have witnessed young people committing suicide not only in Murang’a but in other parts of the country. The trend is shocking as one may wonder what has occasioned a young person to take his life,” remarked Kagwanja.

He  further stated that increased cases of domestic violence are posing threat to families as most of the violence result into homicides.

The council, he noted will work with other stakeholders to offer counseling services and educate families on better ways of solving conflicts.

“As council of elders we see a big responsibility ahead of us as we need to embark in educating young generation on better ways of solving differences instead of thinking of killing each other,” said Kung’u Muigai, National Patron of the elders council.

During the occasion, members of the council were encouraged to join a Sacco which was formed to support the elders access credit facilities.

Kungu  said elders need to be supported to be stable financially, saying having a Sacco, will go a long way to support the members access credit facilities.

“In  Murang’a County we have more than 350 members and if each member saves at least Sh. 1, 000 per month, the accrued amount by year end will be a lot of funds. The funds will go back to members inform of loans,” noted Kung’u.

The  members were encouraged to embark on rabbit farming, which is less cumbersome, and needs a small space compared to growing of crops.

Rabbit  products, the members were told have a huge market both locally and internationally with appeal being made to elders to take advantage of the enormous market.

By  Bernard Munyao

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