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 “Don’t buy public land,’’ administrator warns

The  Machakos County Commissioner (CC), Esther  Maina has warned members of the public against falling prey to fraudsters masquerading as land sellers.

Speaking in Komarock location ,Matungulu sub county  on Tuesday  during the handing over of the  Sh.70 million Mukengesya irrigation project to the community, Maina cautioned individuals who have encroached on  State land that they would eventually have to surrender it back to the government regardless of whether or not they  possess documents.

The administrator advised members of the public to avoid falling victim to rogue brokers claiming to be in a position of selling public land to them.

“Stop rushing to purchase disputed land especially one  belonging  to the State .If you give out your money in return for government land ,be sure you will sooner than later lose it,” she told the residents of Mukengesya sub location.

Her remarks were prompted by complaints from area residents who claimed to have spent close to Sh.60 million in payments for owning a piece of the 700-acre piece of land situated in Malaa area.

According to some of the members who were originally allocated plots in the disputed tract of land, an influential businessman had demanded that each of the 297 members part with Sh.210,000 to help them secure ownership of the plots.

In addition, they were to give Sh.30, 000 each to obtain a title deed for individual plots through Komarock Housing Society Limited.

The  Komarock Housing Society Limited a rival land buying company to Komarock Ranching and Farming Cooperative Society which is currently embroiled in the control of the vast piece of land.

“We are currently on the verge of losing our pieces of land which we acquired long before former President Daniel arap Moi left office. A prominent person has now taken over the management of this piece of land after fleecing us to close to Sh.60 million. We are asking the government to look into the matter and save us from these kind of people and ensure we don’t lose our property,” said Nicholas Mutungi Mboka one of the contributors to the shadowy land buying company.

But the county commissioner has now advised the members to report the matter to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation offices at the KBC Police station in Malaa to ensure the claims are investigated and action taken against the suspect.

She nevertheless told those who are currently occupying the land they were duped and that the government cannot intervene to keep them on grabbed public property.

“This  land (KBC) belongs to the government .If you bought a piece of this land know that you bought air. If you paid money to someone for a piece of this land you were therefore duped,” she.

The  government recently warned Kenyans against buying the land, saying senior civil servants were among those who had been irregularly allocated land belonging to the national broadcaster.

“On diverse dates between 2012 and 2017, a group camouflaging itself as Komarock Ranching and Farmers’ Cooperative Society Ltd invaded the land and sub-divided it into 612 plots. The plots were then offered for sale to unsuspecting Kenyans according to a statement from Government Spokesperson, Colonel (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna.

The land in question measures 499.5 hectares and is registered as Donyo Sabuk/Komarock Block 1/9218 situated along Tala-Nairobi highway.

It  hosts former Voice of Kenya (now KBC) microwave transmitters together with KBC Police Station.

Since  2017, the land in question has been a theater of court battles pitting area residents, wheeler dealers, powerful politicians and the State.

By  Samuel  Maina


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