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Election officials urged to uphold integrity

A parliamentary candidate in Homa-Bay County has told Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) officials to uphold integrity in tomorrow’s elections.

The Rangwe Constituency parliamentary candidate Achuodho Kachuodho told IEBC officials to ensure that the polls were free and fair.

Kachuodho said in the past elections, some IEBC officials allowed themselves to be compromised by candidates.

He noted that in the past, some candidates who were announced by IEBC officials as losers had successfully petitioned in courts by proving irregularities leading to nullification of the election results, following lack of integrity by IEBC officials.

Kachuodho who is running on a DAP-K party ticket said all IEBC officials should adhere to electoral laws to ensure only genuine winners are declared victors.

“Working according to the law means a candidate who has won the election genuinely is the one declared the winner. Let the real winner be declared and the real loser be announced as a loser,” Kachuodho said.

Speaking to press over the weekend, Kachuodho argued that doing so will promote peace besides cushioning IEBC from unnecessary election petitions.

“Only one out of all candidates competing for an elective seat can win. But let him or her be a genuine winner. Other candidates will understand and move on with life if the election is conducted transparently,” Kachuodho said.

He urged his fellow politicians and their supporters to uphold peace during and after the election.

“Election is an event which comes and goes. Let it not divide us,” Kachuonyo added.

By Davis Langat

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