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Electorate urged to register for national identity cards

Tyranny of numbers does not only attract bargaining power but also streams down development and resources to the residents, says a Member of County Assembly (MCA).

Speaking on Monday in a meeting held in his Kangeta ward in Igembe Central Constituency, the MCA, Romano Mwiti called upon residents to turn up in high numbers and register for the new national identity cards.

He lamented that despite Igembe region having a high population, majority do not have this important document hence affecting them during voting.

Mwiti regretted that most of them do not exercise their democratic right due to lack of identity cards.

Igembe region has three constituencies namely;Igembe North, South and Central, he said, adding that they need this document to enable them have bargaining power in both National and County Assemblies.

Mwiti challenged Igembe leaders to mobilize the community in registering for national IDs, arguing that this is the only way to enjoy other government services apart from political benefits.

He urged the department of registration of persons to stream down their services by going to the villages to register the people.

By  Kamanja Maeria

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