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Elgeyo Marakwet receives its first batch of fertilizer ahead of the planting season

Elgeyo Marakwet welcomed its first shipment of fertilizer, marking a significant stride as the region gears up for the planting season.

The event, graced by Dr. Paul Rono, the Principal Secretary (PS) of the State Department of Agriculture, saw the official flagging off of the fertilizer distribution at Kapcherop, Chebaror, and Chepkorio cereal stores.

Fertilizer loaded in 12 lorries was distributed to various locations, with an additional 40 lorries slated for imminent delivery. The distribution breakdown allocated one truck to each of the following areas: Chesoi, Labot, Kapcherop, Kapsowar, Chebaror, Kibendo, Chepkorio, Kamwosor, and Kapkitony, ensuring equitable access across Elgeyo Marakwet.

Expressing his sentiments during the event, Dr. Rono emphasized the importance of prompt registration and redemption of vouchers by farmers, ensuring a seamless supply chain.

He highlighted value addition for its positive impact allowing farmers to maximize profit.

“Value addition plays a pivotal role in transforming agricultural practices, allowing farmers not only to increase their harvest but also to enhance its value,” remarked Dr. Rono, underlining the significance of maximizing agricultural output.

Assuring continued support, Dr. Rono announced the imminent delivery of the next 40 lorries of fertilizer, reaffirming the government’s commitment to bolstering agricultural activities in Elgeyo Marakwet.

Following Dr. Rono’s remarks, Elgeyo Marakwet County Governor Wisley Rotich expressed his gratitude for the allocation of additional fertilizer of lorries.

“I am glad that the PS has announced another 40 lorries will be delivering fertilizer to all our stores starting today,” Governor Rotich remarked, highlighting the importance of timely deliveries for farmers’ preparations.

Governor Rotich also urged farmers who have yet to register to take action promptly. “I urge all those who are yet to register to dial *616*3#,” he emphasized, encouraging full participation in the fertilizer distribution program.

By Rennish Okong’o

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