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Mombasa residents urged to collaborate and support housing project

Principal Secretary, Department for Housing and Urban development Charles Hinga has rallied Mombasa residents to support the affordable housing project at Buxton Point in the county for the development in the country.

Hinga asked those politicizing the Sh6 billion affordable housing projects by the county government and investors led by Suleiman Shahbal, to stop and instead encourage them.

Speaking during the official launch of at least 1900 housing units in Buxton estate, Hinga said that the project is a social scheme to achieve the big four agenda the President has been advocating warning those inciting tenants against the project to stop.

“Instead of castigating the government and private developers, why don’t you come up with ideas that will change the face of Mombasa? Stop campaigning at the backs of poor people who will adequately benefit from this major housing project,” he said.

Hinga said that the main agenda of affordable housing projects is to transform tenants into home owners but also live in beautiful and conducive environments at a cheaper price.

The PS promised those who will buy the houses a mortgage rate of 9 percent or less. “We had a meeting with eight banks before heading to this event and we have agreed to use the Buxton point housing project as an example to launch affordable housing,” he added.

Mr. Shahbal said the success of the Buxton project will see investors launch similar projects in other housing estates in Mombasa.

He said a two-bedroom apartment at Buxton estate will go for Sh3 million compared to Sh6.5 million in the neighboring Tudor environs. One-bedroom unit will be sold at Sh1.8 million and three-bedroom will fetch Sh4.2 million. Already 1,253 houses are sold.

The businessman said the project will have commercial stalls, a youth Centre to nurture talents, a nursery school, madrasa and a clinic.

Chairman of the Buxton tenants welfare group Sheikh Khalif Mohammed said majority of residents have endorsed the plan and are ready to defend it.

Other estates targeted for rebuilding are Changamwe, Likoni flats, Miritini, Tudor, Mzizima and Khadija.

Locals who have embraced the project have asked the investors to consider introducing the project in neighboring counties of Kwale and Kilifi once they finish with Mombasa.

A village elder Vincent Mwachiro asked the government to ensure the houses are given to those who deserve.

“We have those who were relocated to pave way for the construction, once the houses are done let’s give them the first priority to ownership,” he said.

By Chari Suche

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