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Vehicles damaged as trees fall during heavy rains

Heavy downpour in Nyamira town accompanied with strong winds on Wednesday afternoon fell trees at the County headquarter premises damaging vehicles which had been parked in the compound.

A tree which fell on several vehicles parked outside Nyamira County headquarters following a heavy afternoon downpour. Photo by Deborah Bochere

Nyamira South Sub County Forester, Rael Nyamoita told KNA that their office identified trees which should be cut because they are either overgrown or endangering people’s lives, buildings, power-lines or any other property and authorized the department of environment to notify intended beneficiaries to cut them down.

“We had identified overgrown trees within the county headquarter premises and given the department of environment an authority to earmark beneficiaries who could cut them down for they were overgrown and had become life threatening, an action which was yet to be implemented,” Nyamoita said.

Nyamira County Commissioner, Amos Mariba said he will do close follow up to ensure all the identified trees are cut down as a matter of urgency because next time the trees may end up killing people.

By Deborah Bochere

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