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Embrace professionalism and patriotism, Journalists asked

Nyandarua County Commissioner, Benson Leparmorijo, has called upon journalists and all media practitioners to uphold professionalism and embrace patriotism while reporting.

In a MCK media engagement forum held in Nyandarua, Leparmorijo commended the cordial working relationship between the security organs and the journalists.

“We need to work as professionals who have undergone professional training in journalism. You need to observe the highest standards of journalism as you go ahead with your normal duties.

“Do the vetting of your information to avoid sharing fake news and sensational news that can escalate an issue at hand,” said Leparmorijo.

He also called upon those in Administration to ensure they are not reckless in their talks to the media as that might lead to them even losing their jobs or doing more harm than good.

Media Council of Kenya, Manager for Press Freedom, Safety and Advocacy, Dinah Ondari, urged journalists to embrace the highest level of professional mechanisms and give accurate information while reporting.

“Ensure you always verify the information you have received before publishing or broadcasting it. Adherence to the code of conduct for the practice of journalism, guards against impartiality in your reporting,” said Ondari.

Media Council of Kenya, Manager for Planning, Research and Strategy, Leo Mutisya, asked journalists to always be wary of fake news and fake photos.

“Do not quote sources you are not sure about because not everything you see and especially online are factual. You should always embrace digital security to enhance your safety and protection, while undertaking your duties as a journalist,” said Mutisya.

Media Council of Kenya, Director for Media Training and Development, Victor Bwire, challenged journalists to uphold honesty and embrace integrity in order to help steer a better society and enhance good leadership in the Country.

“The purpose of this forum is to enhance capacity building of journalists and enable them convey the right information around governance, democratic processes and other matters of public interest,” Bwire said.

The Media Council was in Nyandarua County for a media and information literacy engagement, with journalists covering topics on media literacy, conflict-sensitive reporting, media ethics and digital literacy.

The one-day event was attended by journalists drawn from Laikipia, Nyandarua and Nakuru Counties.

By Antony Mwangi

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