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Sports molding learners

Schools within Butula Constituency have been asked to embrace co-curricular activities to mold all round citizens.

Speaking today at Butula Boys during an end of year tournament that brought together rugby seven teams in the sub county, area Member of Parliament Joseph Maero Oyula congratulated the Butula Boys sevens squad for putting up a tough fight in the tournament, adding that they had not only made Kenya proud, but also Butula constituency.

“Today’s educators and professionals studying school curriculum and child’s development have recognized and acknowledged the importance of sports in education. The idea is to promote more holistic development, and sports play an instrumental role in it,” said Oyula.

The team had to put up with stiff competition to be crowned champion. It is also worth noting that Butula Boys are the county champions and emerging second countrywide.

The boys represented Kenya in the East Africa Schools’ competitions where they finished fourth overall. The emerging champions are focused on becoming a force to reckon with in the near future with majority targeting to join the main Kenya National Rugby Sevens team.

“I am impressed by your excellent performance, and I am willing to sponsor every interested youth within this constituency to ensure that every talent is tapped and harnessed for the betterment of our people,” said the MP.

Oyula encouraged the youngsters to similarly work hard in their studies to ensure they get good grades to advance in their academic journey.

“The dispensation of relying only on talent is gone, you have to exploit it, and also put similar efforts in academics to ensure that you emerge as a balanced and competent individual, ” advised the MP, adding that this is where the Competency Based Curriculum is headed.

Expressing his excitement, team captain Denis Masya attributed his team’s success to hard work, discipline and dedication to training. “We have registered a sterling performance in this tournament, despite the fact that it is our first attempt at the East African Championship,” said Masya.

The captain appealed to the government to diversify funding to rugby and not only football and athletics, due to emerging talent among the youth.

“As opposed to the perception that football and athletics are the most popular sports in Kenya, many youths have gained interest in Rugby, and would want to explore it to professional levels,” added Masya.

The sentiments were mirrored by school Coach Libondo Shimenga who noted that many sports activities are group-based and requiring them to interact with their teammates. This helps in the development of social skills among children.

Individual sports also require some level of coordination with coaches or interaction with competitors. Thus, in general, engagement in sports provides a platform and means for an individual to interact with others and helps one refine their socializing skills.

By Absalom Namwalo and Joshua Opili

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