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Embu nurses launch their week

Nurses in Embu have launched their week which will run up to May 10 with a call to the community to appreciate the role they played.
While launching the International Nurse week, Embu CEC Health Dr. Jamlek Muturi appreciated the work being done by the nurses saying that nurses formed the foundation and pillar of the health sector.
“The role played by the nurses is very critical in our hospitals as well as in the community at large and hence they should be appreciated,” observed Dr. Muturi.
The CEC cited a case of two nurses whose idea and concern over cancer related deaths among their colleagues led to conception of an oncology unit at Embu level five hospital.
“Due to cancer related deaths, these two nurses came with an idea of starting an oncology unit with an aim of helping their colleagues as well as serving other cancer patients,” noted Dr. Muturi adding that the plans to start the unit were at an advanced stage.
He has urged the nurses to enhance their knowledge through trainings and participating in social corporate responsibilities which was an added advantage in their promotions.
Dr. Muturi has said his Ministry would continue engaging the nurses through their unions on welfare issues and that there was efficient and effective service delivery.
Embu County Nursing Services Officer Mrs. Rita Njiru echoed the sentiments of the CEC that nurses were the backbone of health system who played a critical role in ensuring efficiency and effective services delivery in hospitals.
Mrs. Njiru also urged men to enroll for the nursing course which is female dominated creating a gender disparity in the sector.
“Nursing sector has been dominated by women with a notion that the sector is for women. However, nursing is a profession for men too and I encourage them to enroll for nursing courses to enhance gender parity,” noted Mrs. Njiru.
During the week, the nurses will engage in various activities aimed at improving the health system and changing the status of patients which would include free medical camp and participating in the forthcoming cancer marathon.
By Kimani Tirus

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