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Employment opportunities beckoning for Sironga brick makers

The President’s affirmation to support construction of a multi-billion Agro-Industrial Park (AIP) in Sironga, Nyamira County has excited brick makers in Sironga area for they are optimistic to instantly secure plentiful job opportunities from the mega County project.

According to Abuga Ogeto, a brick maker at Sironga wetland, Government’s decision to construct the AIP at Sironga site will have a two-fold benefit to him in boosting his income source to comfortably fend for his family.

“When construction for the industrial park will commence, I will sell bricks to the contractor who has been awarded the construction tender at the same time seek for work as a worker at the construction site which will consequently boost my income to enable me comfortably provide for my young family,” Abuga excitedly commented.

“Earnings from just selling bricks is not sufficient to meet my economic financial needs. We are very many brick makers in this area because of its proximity to the main highway and buyers are not as many in some seasons of the year. Besides the long period of brick preparation to the time they are ready for selling needs patience, and hard work before one can get to enjoy their hard earned profits,” added Abuga.

Another, Moriasi Alex, a driver who transports bricks to various places in accordance with their customer’s request said brick transportation has been his source of livelihood for the past five years.

He is optimistic that with the construction of the industrial park he will have an opportunity to transport not just bricks but any other product to and from the park during the construction time and even when it will be operationalized.

“I’m also requesting government to consider us for available job opportunities once the construction of the Park is complete because, despite the fact that we are doing manual jobs to earn a living, we have certificates for professional courses and technical skills which we will professionally execute when given that chance,” Moriasi stated.

Ms. Ann Kemunto revealed to KNA that she does jobs at the brick making site at Sironga. She said she makes bricks with other few resilient women who she is in a group with. She transports readymade bricks to the display place near the road, hawks food stuffs to brick makers during lunch break a routine cycle that has become her way of life.

“I’m optimistic to get a stall at the park to put up my small fast food hotel to serve affordable meals to people who will be coming at the Park for various errands, brick making will soon be stopped because the same site is where the industrial Park will be constructed,” said Kemunto.

President William Ruto promised Nyamira residents that he will fully support the construction of the Agro Industrial Park at Sironga by giving Ksh 100 million. A feasibility study has already been done and validation. The park will benefit the larger Lake Region Economic Bloc.

By Deborah Bochere

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