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Ethiopia Clans animosity spillover, affects Mandera

Two people were seriously wounded following renewed inter-clan clashes in Mandera County.

The two were shot in Guba area after suspected bandits from a rival clan ambushed Manyattas in Mandera North Constituency and sprayed villagers with bullets in what was believed to be a retaliatory attack in the ongoing clashes.

Preliminary reports indicated that heavily armed Degodia clan militia, reportedly raided Garre villages in a revenge mission after three of their kinsmen were killed along the Ethiopian border.

Mandera County Commissioner, Onesmus Kyatha, said that a boundary dispute pitting the two clans triggered the wave of inter-clan hostilities that has culminated into the spate of retaliatory attacks.

He said security agencies had organized series of peace meeting involving border communities at Banisa Sub-county and Mandera North security teams where elders from both the Garre and Degodia communities were involved to amicably resolve the simmering conflict.

Kyatha confirmed the security agencies had impounded the two motorbikes that were alleged used to execute the revenge attacks but said investigation into the series of retaliatory attacks were ongoing.

He, however, warned those inciting communities to war, saying those found culpable fueling the fighting will face the full wrath of the law.

“I want to warn all inciters and all those involved in this fighting that their days are numbered and when our investigation are concluded we will bring them to book,” he cautioned.

He said the security team had organized a meeting with local politicians from the warring communities as a way of solving the standoff once and for all.

Kyatha asked area residents to discard outdated practices of resolving disputes but resort to diplomatic mechanism for peaceful co-existence.

County Commissioner said another meeting between Kenya and Ethiopia security agencies was due but was hindered by heavy rains experience on both sides of the border.

Elders from both clans have also called for a ceasefire and peaceful co-existence between the two warring clans.

In the past deadly conflict involving the two Somali clans of Degodia and Garre, has been raging in Mandera County. The two clans have a long history of conflict and violence. Security forces has been deployed to quell situation in the vast border area.

By Charles Matacho

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