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Family appeals for justice for murdered son

A family in Mombasa has spoken of their desire to see justice for their 21-year-old ‘lovely son’ who was allegedly murdered by his best friends last month.

The  family of the slain Davis Stewart urged police to expedite investigations into the murder that took place in Mombasa on June 12, 2019.

The  deceased’s mother, prophetess Betty Kadori said her son was found unconscious outside their posh house in upscale Nyali estate after a night out with two of his friends.

The renowned preacher of Zion Fire Anointing Church in Mombasa said her son was killed by people well known to him.

Evangelist Betty Kadori was addressing the mourners who attended her son’s burial in Taita Taveta County.

According to the televangelist her late son’s friends brought the late Stewart at their Nyali home where they dumped him only his lifeless body to be discovered in the morning.

His mother found him outside the house after a night church vigil at about 6 am on the fateful day.

The late Stewart was rushed to hospital by family and relatives where the doctors pronounced him dead.

According  to an autopsy report from Pandya Memorial Hospital in Mombasa marked GCH2O/2019YHM revealed that Chlorpyrifos which is an organophosphate pesticide used in crops was detected in the liver, kidney, blood, and skin and vitreous humor.

On the neck vein there was an injection mark where the dangerous drug was injected through.

An uncle to the late, Stewart Lucky Munene is now appealing for help from the Director of Criminal Instigations, the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Chief Justice and the Inspector General of Police to help unravel the murder of their family member.

He  called for murder inquiry saying police investigations into the incident were progressing slowly.

According to Munene, the two murder suspects were arrested and arraigned at Shanzu law courts in Mombasa County and released on a bond of sh. 500,000 each.

By  Hussein  Abdullahi

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