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Farmers advised to plant in time with the available rains

Kasipul Division Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) Mr. Michael Omuga has asked farmers to speed up the ongoing planting exercise to ensure a good harvest.

Omuga said the national government is giving out subsidized fertilizers while the county government is giving out seeds in what he termed as a wholesome intervention to eradicate poverty and hunger.

“So, let’s get to the farms, do not waste time engaging in activities that do not add value to your life or benefit you,” he said, adding that the meteorological department has predicted the rains are likely to be short so the farmers need to plant on time.

The ACC said seed distribution has come on time, and it’s a government approach to fight the problem of hunger and famine. “Due to the current climatic changes, the government intervention will go a long way to rejuvenate the farming practice of our local farmers,” he said

The ACC who was speaking during seed distribution in Oyugis town warned farmers against taking the seeds to keep them saying it’s not time for storage, adding that the government plan is to ensure the citizens are food secure since a hungry nation cannot be productive.

“When we have enough to eat and surplus to sell to the local markets to earn an income, it will improve the lifestyle and livelihood of the people generally,” the ACC said, adding that the moment the people align their effort to development strategies and projects, then things will change for the better.

He urged the people to get busy by using the God given opportunity of the current rains to plant.

The Sub County Crop Officer Mr. Steve Nyandiko said the seeds which arrived in two batches are being distributed to farmers who were earlier registered in the five wards in Kasipul constituency.

The first batch contained 588 packets of maize and sorghum each while the second batch delivered on Friday contained 2000 2kg packets of maize seeds and sorghum seeds, procured from Kenya Seed by the County Government of Homa Bay.

The officer lauded the county government for providing free seeds to the farmers saying this is the first time since devolution that farmers have been given free seeds and advised farmers to start planting as soon as they receive the seeds.

By Moseti Julius

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