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Farmers get back their animals

Endebbes Deputy County Commissioner Peter Maina has intervened to have 23 animals belonging to farmers from Kitale released by Agriculture Development Corporation (ADC).
Speaking to KNA in his office in Endebbes, Maina said that the animals which had trespassed to Olekatongo ADC farm in Endebbes had been impounded by the ADC management.
He said that police suspect that in retaliation, owners of the animals burnt sugarcane belonging to the ADC farm. The animals were impounded on April 16th and were being held at the ADC grounds.
The owners had raised concern that their animals were not being fed and their health might deteriorate.
“I have intervened for the animals to be released but the owners will still face arson charges immediately police finish investigations,” he said.
One man who sought anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter said that they have been grazing at the farm for a long time and wondered why their animals were impounded, this time round.
They however thanked the Deputy County Commissioner for intervening to have their animals released.
By Pauline Ikanda

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