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Farmers in agony as fall armyworms invade grazing fields, farms

Farmers in Kajiado East and South Constituencies are in agony after fall armyworms invaded their grazing fields and farms.

In Samuli, Kajiado East Sub County, a livestock farmer, Johnathan Kotemu has lost 18 cows after they grazed on a field that has been infested by the worms.

Kotemu says that it is painful that he has lost his cows to the Armyworms yet he ensured that the herd survived the ravaging drought.

Dr. Melita Lein, a veterinary officer in Kajiado said the animals die after consuming grass infested with fall armyworms due to the toxins from the armyworms.

Dr. Lein said that some of the symptoms the animals exhibit include bloating, foaming and convulsions and urged the pastoralists to seek for assistance when the animal starting showing the symptoms to save their stock.

In Oloitoktok, Kajiado South constituency, farmers who had planted maize hopeful of a harvest are counting losses as the worms invaded the farms and destroyed the maize further jeopardizing food security.

Speaking to KNA, Kenyawa Poka ward Member of County Assembly, Bernard Moloma said that Poka, Samuli, Nkama all the way to Ilmunkush areas have been infested by the worms.

Moloma noted that the Kajiado County government is putting plans in place to ensure all affected areas are sprayed to avert further losses.

A spot check by KNA revealed that most livestock from Kajiado East Constituency have moved to the Poka Kenyawa ward in search of water and pasture as the rains have failed again in Oloorsikon Sholinke, Kaputiei North and Kitengela wards.

By Diana Meneto

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