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Farmers in Murang’a cautioned against selling of their maize

As  majority of farmers in Murang’a prepare for a bumper maize harvest, they have been cautioned against selling the cereals.

Governor Mwangi wa Iria asked them not to sell their maize while green but instead wait until they dry and store it for future use.

On Tuesday, the governor observed that it was not clear when Covid-19 pandemic will be contained thus the need to store the maize to ensure food security.

At the beginning of the current rain season, the county government issued hybrid maize seeds to about 350, 000 homestead.

With the high rains experienced in the county, Wa Iria said farmers will harvest more than three million sacks, a harvest which will go long way to cushion them from hunger.

The governor was speaking as he led an exercise of distributing food to church leaders to support members of their congregation who are affected by covid-19.

“In one month’s time, farmers will start harvesting their maize and I appeal to them not to sell their yields while green as we are not sure when the current Covid 19 pandemic will end,” said Wa Iria at Kenol market.

With high yields, he added, some farmers may consider to donate some maize to support the needy and especially people who have been rendered jobless by coronavirus.

The  county government has been giving food to various groups with the latest being church leaders. The food is meant to assist workers of various churches following the closure of worship institutions as the government moved in to tame the virus.

“Churches have elaborate structures and we are sure the food we have given out through the clergy will reach the needy congregants,” added Wa Iria.

He  asked the clergy to wait for government’s directive on opening of churches, saying even after they are allowed to worship on Sundays, some precautions need to be met so as to protect the faithful from contracting the deadly virus.

Wa Iria lauded the unity which has been exhibited by leaders drawn from various denominations by holding one service which is usually streamed in a local TV station.

“The unity shown by local church leaders is commendable and should continue as this will create more unity considering that the Christ is one,” said Wa Iria.

A Bishop with ACK in Murang’a, Julius Wanyoike said the donation will benefit members of church who could not easily access food after government announced various measures to combat spread of the disease, including banning of services.

The Bishop added that as church leaders, they will wait for a directive from the President and  will adhere to all given guidelines that the government deem fit to combat Covid 19.

Other groups which have so far benefited from county food programme, include workers of bars and restaurants, matatu operators with persons with disabilities earmarked to get their support before end of the week.

By Bernard Munyao

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