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Farmers queue at NCPB depot with a hope of delivering their Cereals

Farmers and drivers at the NCPB Kitale depot as they wait for the stores to be opened. Photo by Moses Wekesa

Over 30 Lorries are at the National Cereals and Produce Board Kitale depot with the hope of delivering maize.
The farmers who have remained optimistic that the Cereals Board will soon open its doors for purchase of maize told KNA that they are incurring extra costs on transport and asked the government to start buying maize.
One of the farmers Mr. Benjamin Chenoi said that the queues started after the President announced that the government was going to start buying maize.
“The transporters have been charging us Sh.20 on every bag every day and at this rate were are going to incur more loses,” he told KNA.
“For now I pay more than Sh.3000 per day for my 150 bags but cannot give up because I know the government will soon open its doors to farmers,” said Chenoi.
He told KNA that they have remained hopeful after officers from the Board asked them to provide information on their registration documents that prove that they are farmers from Trans Nzoia County.
Other information that the Cereals Board required from farmers, included the number of bags they have and the acreage.
Another farmer, Mr. Edwin Kiboi from Kapkoi in Kwanza Sub County of Trans Nzoia appealed to the government not to limit the number of bags that farmers are supposed to deliver to the NCPBs.
He said he has more than 700 bags of maize and if the government limits delivery to 400 bags per farmer then he will not be able to sell the surplus.
By Marion Chebet

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