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Farmers urged to change planting patterns

The  Nakuru County Director of Meteorology (CDM), James Gichuki has urged farmers to plant fast maturing Crops because of  the current erratic rainfall.

Gichuki  noted  that although the county was currently experiencing moderate rainfall in most parts, the amount of rain is likely to reduce in most parts of the county in the coming weeks.

He  said there was need for farmers to change their mindsets and diversify into other crops that take relatively shorter periods of time and less amounts of rainfall to mature.

Gichuki urged stakeholders in the agricultural sector to enlighten farmers on the need for diversification, saying  that it was more beneficial in the long term.

The  weatherman noted that the country as a whole had experienced delays in the onset of the long rains due to other climatic conditions such as cyclones that were experienced in the region.

Gichuki   was  speaking on Tuesday  during a Disaster Management Committee meeting chaired by the County Commissioner (CC), Erastus  Mbui.

Mbui  called on stakeholders to identify areas that may be prone to disasters with a view to enabling the government put  in place corrective measures.

He  stressed the need to enlighten farmers on the need to diversify in view of the projections of lower rainfall levels.

The  CC urged Deputy County Commissioners to take up an active role in mobilising residents to intensify tree planting during this season.

He  stressed the need for stakeholders to actively engage in rehabilitation of the Mau forest which he noted had been  seriously  degraded leaving it almost bare.

The  CCC  further urged residents to make individual efforts to plant trees on their own farms as a step towards attaining  reafforestation in the county.

By  Jane  Ngugi

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