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Farmers urged to embrace new technology

Trans-Nzoia County Commissioner Mr. Mbogai Rioba has called on farmers in the county to embrace new technology in order to improve on their Productivity that has been experiencing low output in recent years.

Speaking during the opening of the local Agricultural Show in Kitale, Rioba said it is only through the new technology that the country will be able to produce more and become self-sufficient in food production.

“We encourage farmers from this region to make use of technology that improves the yield and reduces post-harvest losses, which account for huge wastage being witnessed in this county,” he said during a press briefing.

The CC also called on farmers to embrace value addition mechanisms to boost revenue generated from end products like flour which fetches more returns than the sale of maize.

“Farmers should embrace agribusiness as a way of maximizing returns. This is the best way through which this county can restore its glory of being the country’s grain basket,” said Rioba.

He added that the ASK show will provide a platform that will enable farmers in the country to learn and adopt the new technologies in farming. He said through his visits to the various stands at the showground, there was plenty for the farmers to learn and practice at home.

“We urge more farmers to attend this show since it offers them a chance to acquire new skills that will enable them to boost their productivity. We have provided security to guarantee safety of the people,” he said.

The Kitale ASK Chairperson Frederick Kemboi Tarus affirmed that everything was in place, disclosing that there were more than 110 exhibitors who had already booked their space to exhibit their wares and services.

Tarus called on farmers across the region to visit the showground and learn more on the emerging technologies in agriculture, adding that this year’s theme was, “Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade.”

The Trans Nzoia ASK show which runs from October 25 to October 29 features exhibitors from various sectors of Agriculture, Finance, Academics and other government institutions that are showcasing services that they offer.

By Kosuri Valarie

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