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‘Work closely with police to reduce cattle rustling,’ county boss says

Mumias East Deputy County Commissioner Antony Monare has called on the locals to share vital information and liaise with the police to reduce cattle theft in the area.

He specifically advised those living within the sub-county borders and the neighbouring Navakholo Sub-County where the cases were rampant to be at the forefront of liaising with the police.

“I know you know these rustlers who are living amongst you, please report to us these suspects without fear because we will treat your information with confidentiality,” promised the administrator.

He said once the suspects are known, they will be apprehended and arraigned in court for peaceful co-existence in the neighborhood.

The administrator was speaking in Mahola Sub-Location where he called on the area’s new chief Dennis Welimo to tackle the menace effectively.

At the same time, he cautioned the locals over selling ancestral land without following legal procedures that later cause feud among the families.

“You must sit down as a family and agree on how you want to dispose of your assets through the land registrar and the board. This will minimize conflicts and court cases over land,” he advised.

By John Ochanda


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