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BodaBoada Riders Get Sanitizers

Mama Jawambe issues government sanitizers to Boda Boda and Tuk Tuk operators in Mombasa on Thursday June 4, 2020. Photo by Joseph Kamolo/KNA.
Mama Jawambe during issuance of government sanitizers to Boda Boda and Tuk Tuk Operators in Mombasa on Thursday June 4, 2020. Photo by KNA.
Photo by Joseph Kamolo/KNA.

The  Coast Bodaboda and TukTuk Operators have benefitted with sanitizers from the government aimed at controlling further spread of the Corona virus.

Speaking  on Thursday  during the handing over, the Ganjoni area Chief, Mohammed Sadik said the government saw it crucial to target the local transport sector since they interact with lots of people every day.

Sadik  said providing the sanitizers will not only protect the riders but also their families and the families of their clients who use the grassroots means of transport on a daily basis.

The  Chief  lauded a local Hotelier and Philanthropist, Mama Jawambe for being in the forefront to request for the sanitizers, adding that it is through her relentless effort she was recognized and her hotel was used as the distribution point by the government.

Sadik  said the exercise of distributing the sanitizers will be continuous until the day announcement will be made that Kenya was free from the COVID-19 disease.

Mama Jawambe noted that the gift by the government under President Uhuru Kenyatta will add to his legacy for the love he shares with the youth and the people of Mombasa.

She noted that she targets to mobilize more personal protective equipment for the needy in Mombasa including food items to cushion them from the adverse effects of the Corona pandemic.

Mama Jawambe  assured locals that the initial hand sanitizers was a gesture for great things to come from the government called on well-wishers to join in the fight against COVID-19.

She lamented the bad times brought about by the COVID-19 disease, saying customers have been locked out and the hotel business is going through turbulent times wishing for easing of the restrictions for life to go back to normal.

“We will abide by the rules set by the government in order to reopen the economy which has hurt not only those in business but everyone,” said Jawambe

John Gatimu, the Spokesperson for the Coast TukTuk and Bodaboda operators association thanked the government for remembering the essential service providers who had been forgotten, saying the sanitizers will help them observe the health directives by the government.

He appealed to the government for more sanitizers and other personal protective equipment since the industry is large and employs many youth in the industry.

Gatimu equally urged the government to allow them carry two passengers in their Tuktuks since they are running into losses when they are restricted to carrying only one passenger per trip.

By Joseph Kamolo

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