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Farmers urged to maintain 10-meter buffer from rivers

In a concerted effort to safeguard water resources in Kiambu County, local farmers have been urged to refrain from farming within a 10-meter corridor from rivers.

David Kuria, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM)for the Department of Water, Environment and Natural Resources underscored the escalating conflict between agricultural practices and the preservation of natural water sources.

“We need to educate farmers on maintenance of riparian land, as current farming methods are contaminating and depleting water resources,” he stressed.

The issue, he said, has reached a critical point in Kiambu County, with the local Water and Sewage Company resorting to water rationing due to a severe shortage of water for human consumption.

Boniface Mbugua, the Managing Director of the Kiambu Water and Sewerage Company, reiterated Kuria’s sentiments. “The water shortage has compelled the company to implement water rationing, highlighting the urgency of the situation,’.

David Mumo, the Basin Coordinator of Athi Catchment from the Water Resources Authority, disclosed that measures are underway to protect water bodies in Kiambu County and named marking and pegging rivers to safeguard their quality and quantity.

Mumo pointed out that the encroachment of eucalyptus trees and extensive vegetable and arrowroot farming in Kiambu County have significantly disrupted the river’s flow.

Hezekiah Chege from the Strategic Innovation Solutions Initiative said the zones are crucial to conserve rivers and ensure they can serve the maximum number of people.

Farmers were however reassured that the measures were not intended to displace them but to educate them on the appropriate types of plantation and trees to plant along river banks.

The initiative aims to strike a balance between agricultural activities and the preservation of water resources, ensuring a sustainable future for Kiambu County and its residents.

By Geoffrey Oduori

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