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Feed Manufacturers Set To Address High Cost of Animal Feeds

The Association of Kenya Feed Manufacturers (AKEFEMA) are exploring the possibilities of entering into a contractual agreement with members of the Cereal Growers Association to address the high cost of animal feeds in the country.

The AKEFEMA Manager, Dr Humphrey Mbogua, said if the contractual agreement materializes the prices of Maize, Sorghum, Soya and Sunflower would reduce tremendously since there will be no import duty for the manufacturers of feeds.

He said all the animal feeds prices might reduce by 50 per cent if all the inputs were grown locally, and that it would create a ready market for the cereal growers who are ever complaining over the low prices, compared to the high cost of production.

Dr Mbogua noted that when farmers enter into contractual agreements with the end-users of their products, they naturally increase the acreage since market is guaranteed.

He at the same time noted that if the intended contractual agreement between the giant associations materializes, it would greatly benefit the local dairy and poultry farmers as that will create an evenness of prices across the East African region.

Dr Mbogua said that while the Ugandan farmers produce a kilogram of chicken at Sh226 due to the affordability of feeds, the local farmer produces a similar amount at Sh311 and with such wide margins the competition becomes skewed.

However, he said consumers will always choose cheaper products irrespective of where they are produced since it saves them money.

Speaking during a press conference in Nakuru town on Tuesday, Dr Mbogua stated that the country has plenty of unutilized lands which if loaned to the Cereal Growers Association would turn around the declining food security in the country and make it a net exporter.

By Veronica Bosibori

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