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Small Business Owners Decry Rising Fuel Prices

Boda boda operators and small businesses owners in Iten town have decried the increase in fuel prices which have made them incur losses.

Speaking in Iten town the Boda boda operators said that they have been forced to retain normal charges yet the fuel prices have continued to increase every month. Ben Kipchumba, an operator in the town lamented that he was operating at a loss.

“By the end of the day there is nothing to take back home after working the whole day,” he said.

He said some of them have even been forced to sell their animals to maintain and buy fuel for their motorbikes because the business cannot sustain itself.

“The usual transportation of goods to the market as well as farm produces has also become a challenge,” he added.

A shoe shiner, Samson Kiplagat, complained that with the rise of fuel prices, the prices of other goods has also gone up, saying that shoe polish he used to buy at Sh170 has gone up to Sh200 forcing him increase his labour charges to shine a pair of shoes to Sh30 which customers claim is too high.

“Even the Sh20 that we used to charge before is currently too high as everybody is facing financial challenges occasioned by increase in fuel prices,” said Kiplagat.

A farmer, Alfred Chichii, asked the government to reduce the fuel prices so that the farmers can also get to enjoy the fruits of their labour, adding that animal feed has gone up but the prices of milk has remained low at Sh40 per litre.

Chichii said he has not been getting any profits as he has to fuel his vehicles to be able to meet all supplies and customers.

“There is no profit. Even if you sell ten litres of milk, it will be drowned in fuel and animal feed,” he added.

The residents urged leaders to look into the increasing fuel prices and find ways to reduce them as their businesses are facing the brunt of the high cost and wondering why the leaders have not taken any action about the rising fuel price.

By Rennish Okong’o

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