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FGM feared to be creeping up in 2 sub-locations in Kiambu County

Some  unscrupulous people purporting to be traditionalists in Ndumberi and Ting’ang’a sub-locations in Kiambu County are secretly exposing girls to Female Genital mutilation (FGM).

The  Kiambu County Commissioner (CC), Wilson Wanyanga warned that the practice is outlawed and anybody found forcing it on innocent girls in the 2 sub-locations will face the full force of the law.

The administrator made these remarks at Ndumberi Stadium on Sunday during Mashujaa day celebrations.

“This is a new phenomenon in Kiambu and those involved should stop it before the long arm of the law catches up with you,” he warned.

Wanyanga  told the citizens who turned up during the celebrations that Kiambu County was miles ahead in sensitising their girls who had matured into becoming adults and retrogressive traditions cannot be accepted back in the area.

“If the people engaging in it are genuine, why only in 2 sub-locations in the entire county are said to be practicing it?,” posed the irked administrator.

He directed village elders, chiefs and their assistant chiefs to team up with the sub-county security team and root out the menace before it got out of hand.

The  CCC  said  Nyumba Kumi  operatives should also go back to the drawing board in a bid to assist the government root out evil in the society.

On  criminal activity in the county, he put on notice armed gangs which had been terrorising innocent people.

He  said  they started in Juja, came to Ruiru and are now in Kiambu and asked them to reform and engage in meaningful economic activities that will reward them accordingly.

“Surrender  those AK 47 guns that are in your possession if you want peace, otherwise, we are coming for them and it will not be a walk in the park for you,” he told the criminals who have been on the rampage stealing, raping women and harassing residents in some pockets of the county.

“We  will deal with you ruthlessly as you also have no mercy on your targets whom you terrorise before stealing what they have worked for,” said the CC.

He regretted that the government had spent large sums of money installing security lights only for them to be vandalised by people who were working in cahoots with the criminals to steal from innocent people.

Wanyanga  said from the way the lights were vandalized “it was not work by a layman and I call on anyone with information that can assist us in apprehending the culprits to do so and that their identities will remain unanimous. This is being done by professionals who may be removing to install them elsewhere.”

The  CC called on parents, students and stakeholders to work as a team as the national examinations approach and congratulated students in the region, saying they had never been known to cheat during examinations.

By  Lydia  Shiloya

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