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Fight Alshabab declares Defense CS in Northern Kenya

Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Barre Duale has declared war on Al-Shabaab militants who are pestering residents in Northern Kenya and Lamu County in parts of Coast Region.

Addressing a baraza at Masalani baraza Park in Ijara Sub County, Duale called on residents to fight back al-Shabaab militants by reporting to the authorities concerned whenever they are spotted and even use their daggers because no one will die twice.

Duale noted that he will be soldier number one to fight Al-Shabaab militants and called them not to be afraid as security forces are alert 24/7 noting that the government is in control.

The CS who was accompanied by PS Interior and Coordination of National Government Dr Tom Omollo said Al-Shabaab militants were using IED device to cause fear and despondency.

He noted that the government of Kenya has a Marshall plan to fight back Al-Shabaab in Kenya and noting that for those who are sympathisers, their days are numbered.

Duale noted all deputy County Commissioners, assistant county commissioners, chiefs and their assistants must report to their duty stations to be with residents.

He said if the chiefs, assistant chiefs and Deputy Commissioner and government officers are not in their area of jurisdiction, they should resign and pave way for those who will.

The CS noted that officers must serve the people they lead. “How can residents report this disgruntled element called Al-Shabaab if you yourself who represents the government are not on ground,” he said.

He called on the Deputy County Commissioners for Hulugho, Bothai, Fafi sub Counties to be at their duty stations failure to which the PS Interior should sack them.

Omollo noted the negative impact of Al-Shabaab militants to government programmes and noted that they have to be fought by all means.

He said this is the region where the militants are hiding and using IED to blow government and security forces vehicles and called it cowardice that will not be tolerated anymore because they deter investor confidence and worry non-governmental organisations operating in the region.

Speaker after speaker led by the North Eastern Regional Commissioner John Otieno noted that chiefs and their assistants are the ear of the government on ground and they have to be at their areas of jurisdiction or else they will be sacked.

However Ijara MP Abdi Ali Sheikhow recommended that the youth in the area be trained and armed by government so that they supplement government efforts operating in Ijara constituency which borders the Boni forest and the vast Kenya Somalia border so that they can hunt them on foot to their hide outs in the forest.

The meeting was attended by Garissa Deputy Speaker Abdi Idle, Garissa Deputy Governor Abdi Dagane, Fafi MP Salah Yakub, all MCAs, Ijara Deputy County commissioner  Willy Chemboi, Hulugho Deputy County Commissioner  Ezekiel Njoroge  among other senior Government officers from both County and national government.

By Mohamed Dahir


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