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Finance Committee calls for formulation of policy on miraa

The  Embu County Assembly Finance and Planning Committee has urged the County government of Embu to formulate  a policy to control miraa trade.

The  committee  led by Morris  Nyaga, MCA Kirimari  ward, said a policy to control sale of miraa is crucial for helping in  management of the trade and also in collection of much needed revenue.

Addressing the media on Wednesday  in Embu  the  committee Chairman  said a policy on miraa will also regulate competition for the market of miraa between traders from Meru and Embu.

Nyaga  accused  traders of miraa from Meru of affecting the quality of miraa from Embu by mixing it with miraa from Meru and selling it to unsuspecting buyers at lower  price.

He condemned the Tuesday night fracas between miraa traders from Meru and Embu at Kamungetha miraa market which resulted in four casualties, a man and three women who  are admitted at Embu Level Five hospital.

“I urge  miraa traders to respect our hospitality for allowing them to come and sell their miraa in Embu,” he added.

He said the high quality miraa from Embu, with a high price has adversely affected miraa trade from Meru hence attracting jealousy from Meru miraa traders.

Muriithi Nyaga Kiura, MCA Mbeti South which leads in muguka production has said they are not going to sit and watch  as Meru traders disrupt prices of muguka in Embu, adding that muguka type of miraa is not found in Meru and hence they should not interfere in its pricing.

He  has  urged the security agencies to conduct investigations and bring to book all the culprits involved in the night fracas.

His  counterpart, Peter Muriithi Nyaga, MCA Mbeti North  suggested the setting up of separate market places for miraa  and  muguka so as to avoid a repeat of the incident  in future.

Sicily  Njiru, a nominated MCA has urged miraa traders from Meru to coexist peacefully with those from Embu or else they would be prohibited from patronizing the Embu market.

Miraa  traders from Embu whose miraa (muguka) is priced highly have been complaining about miraa traders from Meru  who bring their low quality miraaand mix it with the

Embu type then sell at a lower price hence affecting the price of miraa from Embu.

This escalated to a confrontation between the two groups yesterday night which left the four casualties.

By  Kimani  Tirus

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