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Floods victims demand permanent settlement to end perennial displacements

Tana River County has from time immemorial been facing perennial floods that normally leads to huge lose of lives and property for thousands of farmers and pastoralists.

This year alone farmers lost hundreds of acres of farm produce as the El-Niño-induced floods came at a time when they were about to harvest different kinds of crops.

Pastoralists too were not left out however, as last week before their village was marooned, they fled in large numbers out of the village with what they could carry fearing to be submerged, saying they are moving out of their village and would never return.

Garsen MP, Ali Wario, who witnessed the movement helped them transport their goods to a new area but also told them it would be their permanent home as he would strive to help them rebuild their homes and live there permanently.

They are currently staying between Minjila town and Garsen Junction and last Friday they were given non-food items and food by the Kenya Red Cross Society and MP Wario.

The MP, however called on the National government to allocate Sh 5 billion for the resettlement of flood victims.

“We want a permanently settlement here because this area is not affected by floods, so we ask for help to be settled here,” he said.

Omar Kuno a pastoralist from Bandi village said when they arrived at their new area on Thursday last week it rained the whole night as they had not been able to erect makeshifts structures thereby exposing the children, women, and the elderly to weather.

Luckily by evening they got food and nonfood items together with water and toilet kits which were brought by the Red Cross.

On the other hand, farmers are still counting loses after losing their crops which were about to mature when the disaster hit.

Mohamed Said a farmer nearly died after the canoe he was using to ferry some of the crops to Feji village from the farms capsized, however he was lucky to be rescued by other farmers who were riding another canoe.

Kenya Red Cross Society Regional Manager in charge of Coast Hassan Musa who has been at the forefront with his teams rescuing the victims said the situation is worsening each day and asked those still in the flooded areas to vacate and move to higher grounds.

“The problem is that most of the farms have been submerged now so people have lost their property including crops and the ability to plant new crops,” he said.

Musa said there is also a looming health crisis as the locals consume the flood waters which may lead to waterborne diseases.

“If the situation worsens government helicopters and suitable boats may be required to rescue those surrounded by the waters as there are areas which are inaccessible,” he said.

He appealed to donors and well-wishers to come to the aid of the flood victims as they are in dire need of help adding that currently they are working together with the county and national government to help them but more is still needed.

By Simon Guruba

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