Foetus found dumped on compost heap

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Residents  of  Mnazi estate  on  the  outskirts of Narok town woke up to a rude shock following the discovery of a foetus wrapped in a sack and dumped at a compost heap in the area.

The  residents condemned the incident, saying fetus dumping had become common in the low income area with most of them suggesting that the mother could have been patient until birth.

Rhoda  Sessy  said  her granddaughter discovered the remains of the foetus at a nearby Jesus is Risen Christian Church gate in a compost heap prompting her to prevent dogs from possibly eating it.

Luckily  the  remains of the foetus which approximately six months before it was aborted had not been touched by a pack of dogs which had milled around the scene.

The  remains were collected by Narok Police from the scene and taken to the Narok referral hospital mortuary as investigation into the matter  are underway.

Narok  County  is  leading Country wide with teenage pregnancy at 37 per cent with most School going girls affected but the County education  stakeholders have made it a priority to end the trend majorly hindered by social and cultural obstacles.

Research has shown over 300,000 induced abortion occur in Kenya every year, leading to deaths of over 2,500 women.

A  2014 Kenya Demographic Health Survey (KDHS) shows that Narok County is leading in teenage pregnancies which are rampant in the area leading to high rate of drop-out of girls from school where one in every five teenage girls are either pregnant of have given birth.

The  county is leading in early pregnancies in terms of age, numbers and other demographics. This has been attributed to socio-cultural practices of the Maasai people where a girl is circumcised and married off at an early age. Incidentally, spontaneous abortions are also common in the area and is attributed to various factors such as brucelossis from milk among others.

By  Mabel  Keya-Shikuku

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