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Former Vice President, Moody Awori Registers for Huduma Namba

The  Former   Vice President  Moody  Awori  on  Wednesday  registered for the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS)  at his home in Kileleshwa, Westlands Constituency.

Speaking  after  the registration,  Awori, encouraged members of the public who have not registered to take the

opportunity  before the end of the exercise on May 17.

He  said  it  is important that each individual gets a huduma namba as it will help in identification and the government to  plan its policies and programmes.

“You never know when you will need the service from the government and if you have not gotten the huduma namba the service may be slower,” said   Awori.

The  Westlands Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Mawiira  Mungania  who facilitated the registration said the government  in the  spirit of door to door registration of huduma namba, is committed to register senior citizens of this country who have served the country diligently, the former Vice President being one of them.

“Senior  citizens who have served the country and are not able to reach the registrations centres and have made a request   will be registered at the comfort of their homes,” said the DCC.

He  said  the Sub-County has  enough registration  officers  and  will  ensure that the process reaches everyone at the  grassroots.

Mungania  asked  those who have not registered to do so before the end of the process assuring that the speed of the  process has increased since the officers have gained experience unlike the first days when the exercise commenced.

“The  process takes an average of 4 mins per client, even though the queues are long they will be able to be serve fast,” he added.

The  DCC said  Westlands Sub-county whose target is 584,392 as of yesterday had registered 215, 947 people

In  her  remarks, Ms. Patricia Awori, the daughter of former VP Awori said she is impressed with the service and the speed  with which the process is being done.

“I have been hearing that people are kept waiting endlessly and that those conducting the exercise did not know how to operate the equipment, what Ihave seen is different,” said Ms. Patricia.

She called on people who have not registered not to fear the exercise but go for the huduma namba as the process takes a  short  time.

Family  members  of  the VP  and  workers were also registered.

By  Bernadette  Khaduli

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