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Four suspected muggers arraigned in court

Bomet Central Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Victor Kisachi has confirmed that the security apparatus has managed to neutralize an organized gang that has been terrorizing residents in Bomet town.

Addressing the Media in his office, the Commissioner confirmed that officers drawn from the Kenya Police Service carried out a crackdown that resulted in the nabbing of the four suspects.

“We have managed to arrest four suspects who were involved in the recent burglaries in Bomet town. They were arraigned in court after relevant bodies carried out their investigations. We are still pursuing the rest of the members who might have escaped our dragnet,” explained Kisachi.

Residents have reported several mugging cases with most saying they encountered the attackers while running their errands at night.

The muggers mostly targeted business people who make early morning trips to markets and revellers whom they attack and and snatch valuables from.

However, Kisachi confirmed that most of the suspects who were arrested from the crackdown were teenagers who addicted to drugs and illicit brew.

The Commissioner said that the war against illicit brew and related drugs has gained momentum after an operation targeting perpetrators was conducted across the sub-county.

“Most of the crimes that are being reported in our towns and villages are as a result of drug abuse and irresponsible drinking of alcohol that results in idleness which pushes these youths to commit these acts of mugging our residents,” explained Kisachi.

 “I have instructed our officers to arrest any suspect found loitering in town. Similarly, our chiefs have been tasked to ensure they put to an end brewing of illicit brew and its consumption in their areas of jurisdictions and we believe that through this, we will end crime.”

He also urged the public to relay any information that might be useful in the war on illicit brews.

By Lamech Willy. A

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