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Residents encouraged to embrace green initiatives during short rains

The Chairman of Narok County Natural Resources Network Nicholas Ole Murero has called upon the residents to seize the opportunity presented by the ongoing short rains to plant a variety of trees in strategic locations

He said in bid to contribute to the national goal of planting 15 billion trees, they should pland trees in their homesteads, churches, schools, and other public spaces.

Recognizing the pressing issue of food security, Murero also encouraged locals to utilize the rainfall by planting essential crops that mature fast like maize and beans among others.

 “This is an excellent opportunity for us to address the issue of hunger in our county. By planting food crops now, we can ensure food security,” Murero added.

At the same time, the chairman highlighted the importance of harvesting rainwater for use during dry periods.

“Water scarcity is a persistent challenge in many regions. Let us use this time to collect and store rainwater for household and agricultural purposes. This will help us become more resilient to the effects of climate change,” he said.

Murero also urged parents to involve their children in environmental activites during the holiday season saying they had a unique opportunity to engage their children in environmental conservation practices.

“Let us teach them the importance of conservation and involve them in planting trees and tending to crops,” he urged saying this is a way of securing the present, and also nurturing the upcoming generation with values of protecting natural resources.

Murero’s call to action rallies the community to actively participate in sustainable practices that will benefit the environment, enhance food security, and instill a sense of responsibility of conserving the environment.

 By  Tobiko Chris

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