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Freedom Fighters Ask Young People to Safe Guard Public Fund

Members of the Mau Mau War Veteran Association have asked young people appointed to hold public offices to safeguard public money in a bid to develop the country.
Association’s Secretary General Gitu Wa Kahengeri hailed President Uhuru Kenyatta for appointing many young people to various deparments but lamented on the high rate of corruption in the country.
“We are happy when our children are appointed to head public offices, but we are also saddened by the high rate of corruption reported from those departments,” he said.
Kahengeri who spoke at Nairegie Enkare Catholic Church in Narok East Sub County during a meeting organized by the association defended Former Vice President Moody Awori’s appointment saying President Kenyatta had made the right choice because Awori had a good track record.
In October, President Kenyatta appointed Awori, 91 years as a member of the Sports, Art and Social Development Fund Board.
He defended his appointment due to dwindling trust in youth whom the President linked to rampant corruption in different sectors of Kenya’s economy.
Since the beginning of his second term as President, he has been keen on fighting corruption in his government to enable him successfully implement the Big Four Agenda.
A number of Cabinet Secretaries have been implicated in corruption cases or have failed to tame graft under their dockets. Senior government officials implicated in graft are currently in court.
At the same time, the Mau Mau Veteran called on youths to attend National cerebrations as a way to honour those who fought for the independence of this Nation.
“It is sad that most young people do not attend Jamhuri, Madaraka or Mashujaa cerebrations despite them being public holidays meant to honor our heroes who fought for independence. We challenge them to volunteer in large numbers to celebrate their freedom,” Kahengeri said.
Narok Mau Mau Veteran Association Chairman Joseph Ololoros want a concrete history of Mau Mau fighters written so that their great grandchildren can know the struggle for independence.
He lauded the government for the Sh. 2000 monthly elderly kit saying it has helped in boosting their livelihood.
Mau Mau Veteran Association has over 60, 000 registered members.
By Ann Salaton

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