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690 NPR recruited and posted to troubled border areas

The government has recruited 690 National Police Reservists (NPR) in Garissa county to complement security officers operating in terror hotspots along the border with war torn Somalia.
Speaking during the 55th Jamhuri day’s celebrations held at Garissa primary playgrounds Wednesday, area County Commissioner Joshua Chepchieng’ said each of the locations in the affected area will receive 30 police reservist who will be stationed within the villages.
The recruitment follows requests from area leadership that the reservists recruited from retired locals who have served in the disciplined forces with known good records were able to pursue the militants on foot and areas the security officers cannot access.
Chepchieng’ said the reservists will work closely with chiefs, elders, wananchi and the security agencies in eliminating the Al-Shabaab menace in the area.
“With the 690 recruits, we belief that very soon Al-Shabaab will be a thing of the past,” Chepchieng’ said.
Ijara which is part of Boni forest is within the sub-county and one of the hideouts of Al-Shabaab militants is the worst. Other area are Hulugho, Fafi and Dadaab.
“The Al-Shabaab menace has forced officers along the border to spend sleepless nights so that we can enjoy the peace we are witnessing today in Garissa and several other parts of the country,” he added.
The county commissioner urged citizens to continue volunteering the relevant information to the security agencies and the reservists to enable them effectively deal with the Al-Shabaab menace once and for all.
On the upcoming population and household census to be held on the night of August 24 and 25 in 2019, Chepchieng’ said that there are a lot of false information making rounds among area residents on the exercise.
The county commissioner said that the census is purely meant for planning by the both the national and county government and those in doubt should be patient as from 2019 all the concerns will be answered during public participation forums.
And in regard with the highly anticipated Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport Corridor project that will pass through Garissa county, Chepchieng’ said public participation on the project will start from next week in Masalani.
He cautioned those fencing off chunks of land in areas where the project that comprise of a railway line, tarmacked road and an oil pipeline will pass in anticipation of being compensated to desist from these acts.
By Jacob Songok

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