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Kang’ara calls for unity ahead of referendum

Jubilee Party Kirinyaga branch Chairman Mureithi Kang’ara has called for unity among Mount Kenya leaders ahead of the BBI referendum.

Addressing the media at a Sagana hotel, Kang’ara said the passage of the Building Bridges Initiative bill 2020 (BBI) by the National Assembly paves way for the referendum. “BBI is a good document and now that parliament has passed it, we are waiting for a referendum,” Kang’ara said and lauded legislators drawn from all parties for passing the document.

He said he will reach out to those who voted against the document so that they can speak in one voice as they proceed with the region’s politics. “Some few leaders from here voted against BBI in parliament but that is not a problem, we shall talk to them as we move on,” he said.

Kang’ara warned that the BBI process was not related to the 2022 General Elections adding they were waiting for President Uhuru Kenyatta to give advice on the political direction that residents of Mt. Kenyan region should take.

He urged the Senate to pass the document that he said aimed to increase the distribution of resources. “The senators should pass this amendment bill. The resources to counties will be more,” Kang’ara urged.

In the amendment bill, Kirinyaga County will get one additional constituency and for that reason, Kangára requested residents to pass it during the referendum.

 By Mutai Kipngetich

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