Akorino Christians plant trees during tree planting marathon

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The Akorino churches in Embu have planted over 5,000 trees at University of Embu during the ongoing one million tree planting marathon initiative which is running for 100 days.

During the launch of the exercise Rev. Prince Macharia, Akorino National Secretary General said the purpose of the 100-day-tree planting initiative was to commemorate the first Akorino church in Kenya which was gathering under an indigenous tree in 1921.

Rev. Macharia said apart from commemorating the first church under indigenous trees, the Akorino value indigenous trees for medicinal benefits as well as sanctuary and hence the drive to plant the trees. He further said so far 24 counties have launched the tree marathon initiative which is expected to end next month.

He said through the program which was held at the University of Embu the Akorino society is stamping the presence of Akorino in the University not only through tree planting but also in matters education.

Rev. Macharia said they are encouraging the Akorino to emphasize on education of their children adding that for a long time they have been seen as a society that never take keen interest in education.

However he said they have a strategic plan which aims at ensuring children from the society go through the whole education process, becoming productive members in the society.

Ann Wanjiru, the National Program Manager said the initiative is positive for it enhances tree planting at household level which in return will ensure improved food security and nutrition through planting fruit trees.

On her part Embu Ecosystem Conservator Monicah Ndirangu, said her office has set aside several sites for the Akorino to plant trees during the 100 days.

Ms Ndirangu said the initiative which aims to plant two Million trees is good for it will promote tree cover in Embu.

The tree planting marathon was launched on February 27 at Arboretum in Nairobi and is expected to end on 20th, June at Kasarani with national prayers.

By Kimani Tirus

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